Class Update

What we’ve been up to:

As a conclusion to our first class read aloud, Save Me A Seat, we followed a recipe for a favorite comfort food of one of the protagonists and made apple crisp. It was a delicious way to end our Friday and celebrate a good story together.

We welcomed our class pet Hoover to our classroom. Hoover is a year and a half old blue tongued skink. This lizard, native to Australia and parts of Indonesia, is the largest member of the skink family (he will finish growing at approximately two feet in length). He is settling in well. The class enjoys observing him and is taking good care of our new classmate.

We have concluded our introductory small moments narrative writing unit. All fifth graders have produced several pieces, in various stages of the writing process. They will be sharing a selected piece with their peers before we move on to our study of Native American regions.

Every week students receive new word study lists and do various activities to familiarize themselves with the rules and patterns they are working on. Generally new words commence on Mondays, activities follow throughout the week and quizzes are on Fridays.

We have started class jobs, using a wheel to rotate responsibilities. Among the grocery list of daily chores, we also have taken on responsibility for helping with playground maintenance. We are fortunate to have so many outside opportunities for children at TES and our class is actively contributing to keeping these choices safe and available. Currently we are raking wood chips on a daily basis to keep them mounded under the climbing wall and out of the walk way. Needs will vary with the season, but students are happy to contribute in this manner. Many hands do make light work!

In math students have taken time to explore the use of manipulatives as tools and to solidify their approach to math questions and challenges. They are now working with place value and the decimal system. Several students have made use of the school math lab and signed up for extra math , working with Ms. Sharpless twice a week as a choice during recess block.

Coming soon:

After the long weekend we will start our investigation of Native American Regions, focusing on the question; how does environment affect culture? We created individual personal time lines and began the process of posting our class US history timeline. We will work our way from the 1400’s through end of 18th century over the course of our social studies curriculum.

Our first hands-on science unit will be working with mixtures and solutions. This is an engaging way to feel like scientists and build inquiry skills.

Hike For Hunger will be on Friday. Oct. 27th. We will leave school to hike up Mimi’s trail to the top of Houghton Hill after a brief school wide assembly in the gym.  Please pack a home lunch for our picnic at the top of the mountain. This is always a fun, thoughtful day. Feel free to join us if you are available!

We hope to see you at Open House tomorrow evening (any time between 5:30-7:00).

We are having a strong start to the school year. It is wonderful to work with such an enthusiastic, caring group of young learners!

Enjoy your long weekend!


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